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Приготовьтесь стать участником самых нелепых событий из когда-либо виденных в играх, помогая Святым 3-й улицы в борьбе с Синдикатом!
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Святые перебрались в Белый дом, но Земле грозит опасность, и им предстоит спасти мир от предводителя пришельцев Зиньяка и его армии. Со старыми и новыми членами банды, новыми суперспобностями и неведомым оружием вы должны спасти мир в безумной игре с открытым миром. Это издание даже включает все DLC!
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После космического абсурда Saints Row IV фанаты задавались вопросом, что делать дальше... И вот ответ - пальнуть Дьяволу в рожу! Играйте как Джонни Гэт или Кинзи Кенсингтон и разорвите ад на мелкие клочки, спасая душу лидера Святых.
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Saints Row: The Third Shark Attack Pack
Добавьте новые вещи в свой гардероб и арсенал с набором Shark Attack. Shark-O-Matic выстреливает непрерывным потоком, состоящим из слизких рыбных внутренностей, которые привлекают любые создания, находящихся под улицами Стилпорта.
Saints Row: The Third Invincible Pack
Еще больше чит-кодов, с которыми вы сможете делать черт знает что. Не загружайте голову мыслями о смерти или окончании боезапаса! Получите доступ к чит-коду Get Down, который сделает вас невероятно гибким. Super Saints даст вам пушку получше и здоровья побольше, а с Ultimate Clip вы всегда будете готовы к атаке.
Saints Row: The Third Z Style Pack
Live the high life of Zimos himself by adding a weapon to your arsenal and an outfit to your wardrobe with the Z Style Pack. You won't go unnoticed in the bold and pimpalicious outfit good enough to be called The "Z". Arm yourself with the super flashy Bling Shotgun and your bullets won't be the only thing that makes an impact.
Saints Row: The Third Explosive Combat Pack
Throw on your combat gear and add a weapon to your arsenal with the Explosive Combat Pack. The M2 Grenade Launcher sends a plethora of mass explosions right at your enemy, and the Future Soldier Outfit is perfect for any battle.
Saints Row: The Third Warrior Pack
The Warrior Pack adds four combat-ready outfits to your wardrobe. Antiques never go out of style with the Knight of Steelport Armor, or go for something a little more revealing with the Warrior Princess outfit.
Saints Row The Third - Genkibowl VII
Professor Genki invites you to be the main contestant on Genkibowl VII! Featuring games themed by the Genki Girls Angry Tiger, Sexy Kitten and Sad Panda, see if you can beat Genkibowl and gain them and reporter Tammy Tolliver as homies!
Saints Row: The Third - Money Shot Pack
Looks can kill…and so do you. With the Money Shot Pack, you can transform yourself into one of Ultor’s elite femme fatales. Don your high-heeled tactical catsuit and take to the skies on a custom Ultor jet bike. Then when the time comes to execute your target, do so with unprecedented style with your fully automatic sniper rifle.
Saints Row: The Third - FUNTIME! Pack
Go super ballistic with the FUNTIME! Pack which gives you a new weapon, vehicle, and outfit. Terrorize your enemies by sucking them up and shooting them out with the Genki Man-A-Pult! Pull the trigger on the Mollusk Launcher and unleash the power of an exploding, mind-controlling octopus! And make sure you put on your FunTime!
Saints Row: The Third - Gangstas in Space
A new movie is being shot in Steelport and you're the star! Join with your co-star, Jenny, to fight the alien invasion for the film Gangstas In Space. With spaceships and alien weaponry, this retro-style film is sure to be a hit!Gangstas in Space DLC is included in the Saints Row: The Third Season Pass.
Saints Row: The Third - Bloodsucker Pack
Keep the cash flowin' with the Bloodsucker Pack. You'll earn respect and get cash bonuses but it doesn't stop there! You also get payments, money drop, and the ability to regain health through your human shields with The Dracula skill.
Saints Row: The Third - The Trouble with Clones DLC
Help the Saints' biggest fan, Jimmy Torbitson, stop his Saints clone from terrorizing the city by using the new Bee Gun and unlocking the true power in Saints Flow. In the end, maybe even save a lost friend in the process.The Trouble with Clones DLC is included in the Saints Row: The Third Season Pass.
Saints Row: The Third - Nyte Blayde Pack
The ultimate collection of goods for Nyte Blayde fans! Look just like a Nyte Blayde star with exact replicas of the Altar Boy and Bloody Cannoness Outfits. Experience the excitement of Nyte Blayde's adventures as you get behind the wheel of the Nyte Blayde Mobile vehicle.
Saints Row: The Third - Special Ops Vehicle Pack
A collection of fully equipped military vehicles for your garage. The Saints VTOL features jet and hover modes making airborne attacks easy and stylish. The Saints Tank and the Saints N-Forcer are the ultimate in armored warfare, showing your opponents the Saints aren't to be messed with.
Saints Row: The Third - Steelport Gangs Pack
Get some new gangwear for your wardrobe with six new outfits. Disguise yourself as a Morningstar Solider or blend in with the Luchador Specialist crowd. You can even try out the Decker cyberpunk style and get in touch with your inner techno-goth!
Saints Row: The Third - Penthouse Pack
Ass kicking just got a whole lot better looking. Introducing the Saints Row: The Third Penthouse Pack, featuring Penthouse Pets Nikki Benz, Justine Joli, Ryan Keely, and Heather Vandeven. Add these well-dressed Pets to your gang and call them into combat anytime to do battle against the Syndicate.
Saints Row: The Third Witches & Wieners Pack
For those who wish to be more than they are, there's the Witches & Weiners Pack. Now dress yourself as the best mascot in town, the Hot Dog. Just hope your enemies aren't hungry. Or sneak around and shoot people in the back as a Ninja. A halo and horns shows who's naughty or nice. Want to channel your inner witch?
Saints Row: The Third - Genki Girl Pack
Drive in Genki Girl style with this assortment of vehicles. Sad Panda sports a dune buggy, Angry Tiger has her motorcycle, and Sexy Kitten drives a special sports car. Each of these rides is themed after the girls themselves, and pack a deadly surprise!
Saints Row: The Third - Horror Pack
Join the ranks of the most terrifying dreams with these horrific costumes. The flesh-eating Zombie Outfit will have everyone you meet running for their lives. Even more horrifying is the Slasher Outfit--it's all of your worst nightmares rolled into one.
Saints Row: The Third - Unlockable Pack
The Unlockable Pack gives access to all unlockable items, upgrades and bonuses that weren't chosen during normal gameplay. Now you can have it all!
Saints Row IV: Brady Games Pack
Make good use of that strategy guide with this here submachine gun!
Saints Row IV: Presidential Pack
Nothing says "Presidential" more than masks lampooning America's Commanders-in-Chief. Don the façades of two of our most highly-regarded founding fathers or as the two Heads of State who heralded in the new millennium. Also includes two new outfits and a wig befitting someone whose face is on money.
Saints Row IV: Grass Roots Pack
The Saints may be known for their flashy clothes and extravagant lifestyle but that doesn’t mean you can't enjoy a wide array of clothing, weapon, and vehicle options. Such as this culturally-sensitive pack inspired by America's more remote citizenry. Includes two new outfits, a new weapon, and a fancy truck!
Saints Row IV: The Executive Privilege Pack
You've never let anyone else tell you what to do so why let us get away with it? The Executive Privilege Pack does away with checks and balances and gives you the power to make the world of Saints Row IV your own. Cheat your way to a hollow victory today!
Saints Row IV: Dubstep Gun (Remix) Pack
Take a bullet-laden trip through musical history! Get the crowd off its feet with the power of polka, set those hepcats a-swinging with big band, indulge your refined side with some classical, and then start the moshpit with some heavy metal.
Saints Row IV - Wild West Pack
The Boss has always been a bit of a cowboy, and with this pack you can take the metaphor to the extreme. Includes two new outfits and an old west revolver.
Saints Row IV: Volition Comics Pack
You have the powers of a superhero, now you just need the clothes! Dominate your opponents in the grim metal visage of THE IRON ROGUE or put on the legendary chestplate of the warrior woman QUEEN AMAZONIA.
Saints Row IV - Enter The Dominatrix
Enter the Dominatrix reveals the wild hijinx of the original vision of the canceled SR3 expansion. Steelport has been taken over by the Dominatrix and only the Saints can stop her from trapping everyone in a virtual prison! Includes behind-the-scenes commentary and the return of some fan-favorite characters.
Saints Row IV - The Super Saints Pack
It's hard to be a superhero, saving the world day in and day out while always wearing the same old clothes. Well not anymore! Fill your closet with an array of unforgivingly skin-tight costumes with the Super Saints Pack. Let Zinyak know that not only does the Head of State have superpowers but fashion sense too!
Saints Row IV - Pirate's Booty Pack
Отправьтесь в плаванье по асфальтовым морям Стилпорта в пиратской тачке, оборудованной вороньим гнездом, в полном пиратском облачении. Крюки на руку, деревянные ноги, глазные повязки, кремневые пистолеты и пиратский костюм, который подойдет и юнге, и настоящему морскому волку!
Saints Row IV - Element of Destruction Pack
Boost your super-abilities with dynamite power! Explosive Blast, Chain-Boom TK, Explosive Buff, and the Time-Bomb Stomp add a whole new level of simulation-busting mayhem to Saints Row IV.
Saints Row IV - Gamestop Warped Weapon Challenge
The winner of the GameStop Warped Weapon Challenge, 'The Polarizer', is a powerful magnet gun capable of magnetizing people, attracting them to your Polarizer weapon, and then reversing its polarity to create an explosion of people!
Saints Row IV - Zinyak Attack Pack
Пусть он, быть может, и не самый красивый галактический повелитель, но он ваш галактический повелитель. Воздайте честь императору Зиниаку, примерив на себя три зинских наряда: Trooper, Warden или, даже, великолепный выступ на черепе и развевающийся плащ самого Зиниака.
Saints Row IV - Hey Ash Whatcha Playin? Pack
Она играет в Saints Row IV, вот что. Эш. Энтони. Папаша Бёрч. Теперь в качестве домашних. Кто поддержит Босса лучше его величайших поклонников? Будете любезны и купите этот пакет?
Saints Row IV - How the Saints Save Christmas
Если у вас уже есть сезонный абонемент, НЕ ПОКУПАЙТЕ эти материалы здесь, так как вам придется платить еще раз. How the Saints Save Christmas (1953) Санту взяли в плен и держат в виртуальном мире, но у жадного босса из "Святых" с третьей улицы не хватает Рождественского духа, чтобы спасти его.
Saints Row IV - The Rectifier
Hit your enemies where they least expect it with the most notorious piece of alien technology in the galaxy: the Rectifier!
Saints Row IV - Anime Pack
Finally, the fantasy of Eastern cultural happiness can be yours! Get hair defying the elements of winds! Slice many of the people of bad with Braver Sword! Kaiju-XL makes little of foes with speed and curiosity! Also dress up clothing changes any Street of 3 Holy Man a beholding wonder!
Saints Row IV - Stone Age Pack
Bring the past into the present with this pack of 100% historically-accurate DLC. Don the trendiest prehistoric animal pelts, arm yourself with the legbone of a long-extinct species, bonk enemies in the face with a bloody club, and then take the whole crew out for bronto-burgers in the latest high-tech vehicle from Stoned Motor Corp!
Saints Row IV - Bling Bling Pack
We’re bringing bling back to the Row with this set of money-themed superpowers. In these hard financial times, what better way to boost the economy than to power your buff to shake down enemies, turn your foes into gold with the Midas touch, make it rain with stomp, or blast people in the face with some dollar-dollar bills, yo.
Saints Row IV - Game On Pack
Whether on the ice or on the green, a Saint always knows how to look good. The Game On Pack includes a hockey mask, goalie gear, and a hockey stick. Also includes a golf cap, set of fairway formal duds, and an iron. Lastly, be sure to ride around on the Puck Truck!
Saints Row IV - College Daze Pack
Go Greek with a set of fratboy and sorority girl outfits, and be the life of the party with not one but two classic college traditions: the beer helmet and a bra hat. Also includes Shayne's Barstool Racer.
Saint's Row: Gat Out of Hell - Devil's Workshop Pack
Tired of flying on the wings of a fallen angel?  With the Devil’s Workshop Pack you can fly on the purple wings of a Saint instead.  Also included: Yorick, the flaming skull that acts as the source of Shakespeare’s infernal might.
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